Puja Party!

Purification Practice of Buddha Vajrasattva

Friday, October 20

7:00pm – 8:00pm
(Refreshments to follow.)



As an offering to our students and members, Vajra Light Center is hosting a puja party! A puja is a practice of chanted prayers and meditation associated with a particular Buddha.

The puja includes a guided meditation and is followed by refreshments and time to socialize. It's a casual opportunity to get to know other members of the 'sangha', our community here at the center. You may bring an offering of vegetarian food or drink if you wish. Vegetarian food and desserts will be served after the puja.

Purification Practice of Buddha Vajrasattva

The Purification Practice of Buddha Vajrasattva is a lovely and inspiring puja. This meditation and recitation practice is an extremely powerful method for purifying our mind and actions. Through purifying all the negative potentialities in our mind, we remove the causes of our future suffering and overcome all obstacles to a successful spiritual practice. We’ll come to experience the deep peace and joy that arises from a pure mind.

Everyone is welcome!  All pujas are FREE of charge.