US Festival 2019

Healing the World

Empowerment of Medicine Buddha & Teachings

on How to Solve Our Human Problems


April 26 - May 1

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Receive the blessing empowerment of Medicine Buddha and teachings from How to Solve Our Human Problems with Gen-la Jampa. Through these blessings and teachings, we have the opportunity to begin to heal our mental continuum, help others through engaging in healing actions and bring peace to our world.


Medicine Buddha Empowerment

Medicine Buddha is a Buddha Doctor whose function is to release us from physical and mental disease. By relying upon Medicine Buddha, we will receive a special power upon our body and mind through which we can heal our own outer and inner sickness and also help others through engaging in healing actions. This practice is especially powerful at this time for pacifying problems and dangers, and for bringing peace to our world.


Commentary to How to Solve Our Human ProblemS

In this busy and troubled world, our experiences of happiness are fleeting and peace of mind eludes us. Our mental diseases, such as uncontrolled desire and anger, create endless problems and prevent us from fulfilling our deepest wishes. Buddha's teachings are the supreme medicine through which we can solve our human problems and finally heal our mental continuum.

The Teacher: Gen-la Kelsang Jampa

Gen-la Jampa has studied under Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche and taught internationally for many years; he is greatly admired for his good heart and clear, inspiring teachings. Gen-la Jampa is the Deputy Spiritual Director of the NKT-IKBU and the Resident Teacher at IKRC Grand Canyon.


(Registration opens Feb 27 at noon)