Please help us share the priceless gift of Buddha’s teachings and meditation practices!

At Vajra Light Buddhist Center, our mission is very simple – to give people the means to develop inner peace.  Through year-round regular and special programming in Westchester and Stamford, CT, people receive teachings, and meditate in the friendly atmosphere of our Center.  As we interact with one another, our virtuous activities ripple out in all directions, affecting countless people.  In this way, we all contribute to individual and community peace, harmony, happiness and well-being – now and in the future!

Vajra Light is an entirely volunteer run, non-profit organization.

All class fees and donations directly support the Center. We exist and thrive on the involvement, positive wishes and support of the communities we serve.  Please help us to keep the path to wisdom, compassion, peace and happiness, open and flourishing in our area 

Three easy ways to donate:

You can make your donation in person, by mail, or on our website.


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In Person: 

By check or credit card at the Center

By Mail:  Send a check to: 

Vajra Light Buddhist Center
234 N. Central Avenue
Suite 200
Hartsdale, NY10530